martedì 31 agosto 2010

*Royal Blue Opening Gift*

Hi guys!
Today I show you (Royal Blue) Opening gift.
It's this beautiful scarf, I'm wearing the grey scarf but there are so many other colors.

Click to Enalrge!!

I also show you a new thing in The Dressing Room.
Fishy Strawberry partecipate at TDR with two top/dress in two different colors.

Click to Enlarge!!

What I'm wearing:
Scarf: Winter Coming Scarf in Grey - (Royal Blue) - (Opening Gift)
Jeans: Bitter Jeans -Peppermint - [Miseria] (not free)
Shoes: Avela Stiletto Herringbone -SLink (not free - 70L at TDRB)
Skin: Skye Milk -Pink Sugar - [Pink Fuel]
Hair: Cecily -Brown- *Junwave*
Top/dress: Tube Top Dress -Fishy Strawberry- (TDR)

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