giovedì 25 febbraio 2010

My Uglydorothy Lucky Skins

Two beautiful and funny skins from My Uglydorothy. Have your avatar catch a cold? Or maybe are you making up yourself for a carnival party? Meow!

Hurry up and get those free skins from lucky boards!

Hair -Loxy-IV(coffee) [ kik ]

mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

Test Drive Second Life Viewer 2, Now in Beta

Guys, new viewer for Second Life, here you can download it. So, i'm trying it now and i can say if is better or now.. Yes, it's difficult the firt time that you open the new viewer, because is all different: layout, options, where are the inventory, the chat and a lot of other things.

I've took a photo of my friend Sheyila, first with the old viewer and than with the new beta version. What do you think about?

I think that the second photo is more shiny and the lights are better, like also the details.
A funny thing that Sheyila notice in this beta version, is that when you are talking with the voice option, your avatar is moving the mouth! Ahahahah, very funny! (I talk to her only for see this!). So, say your opinion, do you prefer the last version or the old one?

martedì 23 febbraio 2010

Gift and Lucky Boards

My sweet friend Rossy told me yesterday about an awesome hunt, the Red Packed Hunt. Here you can find more details. So, I've finished it today morning, and I have to say that there are a lot of beautiful things in this hunt! But, in some of the shops I've find also a lot of fantastic things, like those that I'm going to show you!

[ Bunny B ] has got this beautiful skin: in the pack there's another without the orange tears.
Hair come from Hair Oh , like also the muffler and the socks. You can resize the socks (feet).
The dress is a lovely lucky board present from KENZIE&Co (there are more different presentes!)

*BOOM* has a lucky board with a awesome gift: this lovely acessory for the back

pic 1
Skin [[Bunny B]] - Ashley ::: Pale //Makeup 10 [ Bunny B ] [Free]
Hair :::(o_x):::Oh my TOCHIGI JAPAN [ Hair Oh ] [Free]
Dress Don't Rain On My Parade - Fall [ KENZIE&Co ] [Free/Lucky Board]
Muffler and Socks oh , very warm socks and muffler [ Hair Oh ] [Free]
Earrings kik group gift earring(red) [ kik ] [Free]

pic 2
Skin [[Bunny B]] - Ashley ::: Pale //Makeup 10 [ Bunny B ] [Free]
Accessory Aranel's Diamond Heart Wings (teal) [ *BOOM* ] [Free/Lucky Board]

sabato 20 febbraio 2010

*Vive9 Gift and 50L Friday*

Hi guys! Yesterday I received Xian Boots (Olive and Golds) Vive9 GroupGift
To join this group are request 100L .

If you go to the Vive9 Store you can find Xian Boots (Powder) FREE ... so what are you waiting? Go to the store and grab this boots.

Yesterday was Friday and I received a notecard from Fifty Linden Friday Group with a store list. This group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L .

What I'm wearing (Pic 3-4):
Skin: Skye Milk -Pink Sugar - [Pink Fuel]
Hair: Audrey - Brown Shades- (Dernier Cri)
Dress: Lela in love - Tyranny Designs (50L Friday)
Hat: 114 Hat - W&Y FREE
Socks: leg warmers -only socks- EDGE GRAFICA FREE
Shoes: Xian Boots -Olive and Gold- Vive9 GroupGift

venerdì 19 febbraio 2010


This is the style that, in my opinion, represents the Italian teenagers. Maxi sweaters, shorts and socks .. Who don't have them in her closet?

Sweater: *Here* (Group Gift)
Shorts: *Here*
Hat: *Here* (Not Free)
Skin&Glasses: *Here* (Glasses Not Free)
Flats: *Here* (Old Glow Group Gifts)
Bag: *Here* (1L)
Hair: *Here* (Not Free)
Socks: *Here*

mercoledì 17 febbraio 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ I Love Teddy Bear ♥ ♥ ♥

Who, as child, don't have his Teddy bear to sleep? We give one in our own Avatar!

Bear: *TeddyBear* (there is even the bloody bear version)

+++Little Pricks+++

Dark place for dark stuff! Many skins with strange make up in the shop, necklaces with tainted heart and many other things!
There's a lucky chair with a pale skin, in grey color, gloomy and with eccentric make up! I love it!

Midnight Mania lucky board [only 50!] send you this tube top with screamy texture

Skin [Skin Deep] Starry Eyed LC Skin [ :Little Pricks: ]
Eye Spooky Eyes w/Glow Lens [boxed] [ :Little Pricks: ]
Hair MODEL HAIR 14 1L$ GIFT [ W&Y ]
Thong -SU! Thong Black [ -SU!- ]
Top Screamer Tube Top - Blue [ :Little Pricks: ]

lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

Kouse's Sanctum

Kouse's Sanctum is a beautiful shop in a snow land very dreamy. Magdyne, our blonde model, have taken some shots in this land, like this that I really love (I love horses!). In the shop you have to enjoi the group for receive fantastic presents and have low prices on a lot of dresses!

This is the Group gift [the board is just at the entry]

And this is one of the beautiful dresses that you can buy at only 100L if you are a member of the group! [Crown is included!]

And this a funny dress [only 50L] inside the shop, you'll look like a bee!

pic 1
Skin *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Cameo - Berry [ *CUPCAKES ]
Hair = Hal*Hina = [platinum] Hair-elizabeth- [ Hal*Hina ]
Dress Boleyn Girl Special Edition - Gown - Carribean [ Kouse's Sanctum ]
Crown [part of] April Group Gift [ Kouse's Sanctum ]

pic 2
Skin *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Cameo - Berry [ *CUPCAKES ]
Hair = Hal*Hina = [platinum] Hair-elizabeth- [ Hal*Hina ]
Dress April Group Gift [ Kouse's Sanctum ]
Crown April Group Gift [ Kouse's Sanctum ]

pic 3
Skin Skin Cleo Pale Make Up n° 03 [ KA DESIGN ]
W&Y ]
Dress Mira - Bumblebee Costume
[ Kouse's Sanctum ]
Head accessories wianek/wreath [ The land doesn't exist now]
Shoes +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - Shoes [Cupid Heart Hunt ][ Mocha ]

domenica 14 febbraio 2010

Group Updates on Facebook and Koinup

Follow ours updates on this sites! Enjoi the groups!

Facebook group

Koinup group

Hal*Hina st.Valentines Gift

Hi guys!
I want to show you a beautiful St.Valentines Gift ( Lucky Board) from Hal*Hina.
I'm wearing skin, eyes and shape of this gift, but you can find also an EyeBlow and a FaceLight in the pack.
So.. Join the Hal*Hina Group and wait your lucky letter and.. Happy St.Valentines

What I'm wearing:
Skin -Eyes -Shape: St.Valentines Presents (Lucky Board) Hal*Hina
Hair: Noa (brown) Hal*Hina

sabato 13 febbraio 2010

*Waka and Yuki Gift*

Today at Waka and Yuki shop there's an open sale and three free day for the opening at new sim.

Here you can also find a beautiful group gift , 119 Hair Hat

And a Lucky Board where you can win this beautifu hair

What I'm wearing (Pic2):
Skin: Dinah in Fall -Toast - bare TYRANNY DESIGNS
Shirt: Valentines day gift BERRIES INC
Hair: Say - Twix/Highlighty Special !LAMB.
Hat: Hat 119 FREE GIFT W&Y

What I'm Wearing (Pic3):
Hair: 119 Type A (LuckyBoard Gift) W&Y

:::**Ray Skin**::: Start You Day 2010, Mission of Valentine and Lucky Boards

Hi guys! Fantastic prices and gift at Ray Skin! Enjoi the shop group, you'll receive awesome updates! For Saint Valentine the shop gives beautiful cooker dresses in many colors, green on the lucky board.. Hair and all the objects if you see are included!

:::**Ray Skin**::: Mission of Valentine *emery*

*start your day 2010* include also many 1L stuff, like this **:::Ray Skin +Start Your Day+:::** (Necoco)

In the shop you can also find a lot of lucky board with cute dresses! I've win this :::**Ray Skin**::: *Start Your Day 2010* :::Tigers:::

pic 1-3
Skin Cleo Pale Make Up n° 03 by [ KA DESIGN ]
Shoes ANEXX_KnitLegwarmers+Flats_White_ [ ANEXX ]

pic 2
Skin Cleo Pale Make Up n° 03 by [ KA DESIGN ]
Hair Exile Kalea Brown Pack Coffee [ EXILE ]
Shoes ANEXX_LaceupBoots_Black/Female_ [ ANEXX ]

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

A Netherworld Gift, Lucky Chair and Midnight Mania

Today morning I've received a notecard of this place, A NetherWorld. It's foggy and a bit frightening, with many dolmen and poses on them. Things on the shop are not expensive, is very cheap and when you enter in there's a very unnering piano music! So.. Downstairs there's a freebie, a skin very beautiful with dark make-up, nail polish and a little japan tatoo.

Upstair you can find a Midnight Mania board, with beautiful corsets in 5 colors. Hurry up, it's only 50!

Also a Lucky Chair with a cute red dress...

...And a gift box with many things: dresses, t-shirts, corsets and two pairs of earrings!

Skin Anti-Valentine's Day Skin [ A NetherWorld ]
Hair (pic 1) Truth Tamara Brown Coffee [ Truth Hair ]
Hair (pic 2) Truth Gloria Brown Coffee [ Truth Hair ]
Choker Crux Ordinaria [ Vienna Freebies ]
Dress 1 Red Lace Corset Dress [ A NetherWorld ]
Dress 2 Blue Heart Babydoll Dress [ A NetherWorld ]
Violet T-Shirt OMGWTFBBQ T-Shirt [ A NetherWorld ]
Corset Colorful Corsets - Purple satin corset [ A NetherWorld ]
Grey T-Shirt Favorite Cities - New York T-Shirt [ A NetherWorld ]
Earring 1 Celestial Earrings [ A NetherWorld ]
Earring 2 Heart Earrings [ A NetherWorld ]

giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

*Fishy Strawberry* Gifts

Fishy Strawberry has got fantastic gifts in the shop!

Bikini Laundry Day - Dark [free]
Bangles+necklace Bangles - Wood [free]

Sweater Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Blue [free]

T-shirts soup (unisex) [Dirty&Clean] [free]

Skin Den-Dou Keiko ate chocolate [Cupid Heart Hunt] [ *Den-Dou* ]
Hair Truth Piper Coffee [ Truth Hair ]

Skin Den-Dou Eito ate chocolate [Cupid Heart Hunt] [ *Den-Dou* ]
Hair Truth Noah Blonde [ Truth Hair ]

Group Gift and Freebie

Hi guys!
I want to show you D!va Group Gift, Hitomy hair (Ruby colours) .

Berries Inc. have a free shirt for valentines day , I love it.

What I'm wearing ( Pic 1 and 2) :
Shirt: Valentines day gift BERRIES INC
Skin: Elf Happy Holiday (old group gift) CURIO
Hair: Hitomy hair (Ruby) GroupGift D!va

What I'm wearing (Pic 3):
Shirt: Valentines day gift BERRIES INC
Skin: Dinah in Fall -Toast - bare TYRANNY DESIGNS
Hair: Mister Sister - Highlighty Special !LAMB.

Model and Photo: Roxyna

venerdì 5 febbraio 2010

Fishy Strawberry Sale

Fishy Strawberry Have a sale on everything for one week!!
Hurry up *__*

[Love Soul] Hair027

Hi guys!
[Love Soul] has a new hair style, hair027. there are two kind of fringe, Type A and Type B, and you can change the hat texture.

Ttype A

And Type B

What I'm wearing (Type A):
Shirt: L'Amoureau_Grey by BAIASTICE
Skin: Cleo Pale Make Up n° 05 by KA DESIGN

What I'm wearing (Type B):
Sweater: DownJK_with_Sweater_Pink by AOHARU
Skin: Cleo Pale Make Up n° 05 by KA DESIGN

Model and Photo : Mirage