venerdì 19 marzo 2010

*Leafy Skin

Hi guys!!
Today I want to show you some skin at low cost.
*Leafy released these beautiful skin in three tones.
You can buy this first skin at 50L

These other two are in the same pack and cost 75L

What I'm wearing:
Skin (Pic1) : Miso Loom ST-DB -Lune- *Leafy ( 50L)
Skin (Pic2) : Miso Lumiel -Moss- DB *Leafy (75L)
Skin (pic3) : Miso Toast -Moss- DB *Leafy (75L)
Hair: Sweet Lady -Brown- *Junwave* (40L)

giovedì 18 marzo 2010

♣Junwave Sales♣

I find here so beautuful hair at low cost. One color cost 40 L.. i love this shop

lunedì 15 marzo 2010

ಾWinter Againಾ

Are you hoping for the beggining of the spring? Are you believing in the reborn of the nature, the fragrant flowers of the cherry trees and the swallows in love? Sorry guys, but listen to me: don't set aside coats, boots and hats!


Skin: *Curio*
Bag: *Miel*
Hat: *Here*
Boots: *Duh!*
Glasses: *Duboo*
Hair: *Maitreya*

sabato 6 marzo 2010

+*Doll Style*+

Hi guys!! Today I want to show you some Hunt Gift.
I mix it and I do this Doll Style,I love the result..
There are some many beautiful thing in these Hunt ; I made Cupid Heart Hunt and Red Packet Hunt.

Click to enlarge the pic or click HERE and HERE.
Here a pic with no edit.

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Audrey - Brown Shades- (Dernier Cri)
Skin: Miso Lumiel Golden LB - *LEafy (Red Packet Hunt Gift)
Headwear: Chinise Headpiece (RED) - Atelier AM (Red Packet Hunt Gift)
Dress - Leggins - Shoes - Necklace: Sweet Twilight - +MOCHA+ (Cupid Heart Hunt Gift)
Nails: Prime Nail+Ring - [Love Soul] (Red Packet Hunt Gift)

mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

ૄTime Of Springૄ

The trees return to being greens, the flowers begin to bloom... but is it indeed case to put away coats?


Coat: *Here* (Group Gift)
Shirt&Leggins: *Here* (Free or 1L, sorry I don't remember)
Boots: *Here* (Christmas COCO group Gift)
Skin&Glasses: *Here* (Skin old group Gift, Glasses Not Free)
Hair: *Here* (Not free)

In memory of A. McQueen

A lot of shops do sales for a tribute to the famous stylist alexander McQueen